Big Five Conferences Breaking Away? Stupid.

This story just won’t die. Every couple of days a new conference commissioner from one of the “power” conferences reiterates the need for players to get paid and possibly for there to be a separation of the “top” 70 teams from the NCAA. Nauseating idea.

Let me first state that this whole “covering the full cost of tuition” sentiment is getting out of control. Student athletes don’t need to get paid more than they already do. Find me other college students who get free first-rate dorms, food, textbooks and tuition paid for. While the rest of the students are paying for all of that, athletes are reaping huge benefits so they can play a sport no more than 20 hours a week.¬†They’re already treated like gods among men on most campuses, why add to that?

Aresco said he would campaign to be included in whatever division might be created to accommodate the major conferences. I understand it, but it’s worrisome. Most schools’ athletic budgets are strapped as is, especially in the American Athletic Conference. Unless you’re a Texas, Florida, or Ohio State, you’re school is probably hemorrhaging money by way of fielding an FBS football program. Stipends will only make it much, much worse.

And let’s be real here. The difference between current FCS and FBS schools is a competitive issue just as much as it is a financial one. But you can’t make the case all of the Power 5 schools are more competitive than many of the Group of 5. Boise, Cincinnati, UCF, South Florida, Nevada, Air Force, and Navy are leaps better on most years than the likes of Washington State, Wake Forrest, Duke, Vanderbilt (until recently), Minnesota, and Kansas, just to name a few.

Hopefully when the dust settles, no one screws this up worse than they already have.